Ráðstefna Call for Abstracts í júní næsta sumar

Stjórn Skipulagsfræðingafélagsins vill benda á ráðstefnu sem haldin verður í júní næsta sumar.

Conference at the University of Iceland, Reykjavík 1st and 2nd June 2006
Hosted by the faculties of Geoscience and Philosophy and the 20th
Reykjavík Arts Festival


The conference deals with the perception and conception of spaces in the
built as well as natural environment. The aim of the conference is to
bring together a wide range of academics, from the physical sciences,
social sciences and humanities, as well as artists and activists who have
an interest in the way spaces can be sensed, understood and reconfigured.
With this aim in mind we invite papers, posters, art work and displays
that focus on ways of understanding and perceiving spaces as well as
methodologies and techniques for creating spaces.

Spaces today are continually being reconstituted and reformulated in
various ways, often relying on notions of what is sensible, narrowly
defined by groups with an ideological agenda of some kind and/or vested
economic interests. These sensible factors often obscure and ignore
notions of the sense-able – that which people perceive through the senses
while being-in spaces. The conference is about drawing out these
sensibilities based on the sense-able, as opposed to subjectively
formulated agendas or interests which are based on many different notions
of the sensible.

Papers, posters, art work and displays are encouraged from a broad range
of disciplines. The focus can be both on conceptual issues as well as more
practical issues, or can be theme-related artwork displayed on site.

More information is to be found at: www.sparten.org

Paper and poster abstracts are to be 300–500 words and submitted by 30th
January 2006 to Edward H. Huijbens (edward@hi.is). Proposals for art
displays are to be sent by 30th January 2006 to Paul Hackett

Final papers, to be published on the conference web page are to be
submitted online by 1st May 2006, following the format outlined on the
conference webpage.